Street Dog Saves Innocent Woman From Being Robbed

A stray dog helped a woman who was being robbed by an unknown man in the area of the Podgorica, Montenegro.In the video you can see a woman is forced to the ground by a vicious mugger , the mugger walks closer and closer until he grabs her from behind and wrestles her to the ground in an attempt to mug her.
The Brave Dog runs after the mugger as the mugger makes his escape in terro,Incredibly, the dog’s kind actions don’t stop there. He even turns back to make sure the woman he saved is OK. Others were amazed by how quickly the dog had reacted.

The dog who was sitting so calmly seconds before springs into action and attacks the man, lunging at his rear end and heels , realizing he’s got more than he can handle, the thief dashes away being chased by the dog, who continues to nip at his legs

Mariela Caputi said: “This woman should’ve taken the dog home, if it weren’t for him she wouldn’t have any of her belongings – good job pup!”

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