Girl’s Phone Dropped accidentally into sea – Whale Returns it

Ina Maniska was down at the docks with her friends to visit the whale , while peering over the dock, Maniska’s phone accidentally fell out of her pocket and into the water.
She thought she had lost it , but then a whale dived and brought back the phone to her.The beluga also showed just how friendly he is by retrieving a young woman’s phone after she accidentally dropped it into the ocean.

“We laid down on the dock to look at it and hopefully get the chance to pat it,” Mansika told The Dodo. “I had forgotten to close my jacket pocket and my phone fell in the ocean. We assumed it would be gone forever, until the whale dove back down and came back a few moments later with my phone in its mouth!”

“Everyone was so surprised. We almost didn’t believe what we saw,” she said. “I was super happy and thankful that I got my phone back.”

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